The Books


These five volumes were a project to create a daily dose of nature and perspective for city dwellers. Having been born and lived in a city the need was born for the horizon, not just imagined or partly seen, perhaps glimpsed on weekends but never seen in its entirety, the way you can see from the top of a glacial valley that has carved its own delightful path gently to the sea, and left a vista that is truly mind-stretching and exhaustingly beautiful.

Haiku is a puzzle, to encapsulate and polish a set of syllables into a kind of ‘jingle’ and yet create a vignette on the simplicity of Nature. When they work they are unforgettable and perfect.
Four of the five books, in English, one bravely in Spanish (checked by an expert university teacher).
Each verse was posted to twitter each day, with the steadily growing following proving the need for this simple distraction and over two years providing a perfect resource for these beautifully covered gift books, now available in the Libreria Excalibur in Marbella and on Amazon.

Cover designs by the author, copyright Andrea Medina