The Authors

Katriina Kovasiipi: Stay-home-mum for two flowers. Professional Gardener since 1992. Wide experience in Finnish gardening field.


Andrea Midas: London Designer and Writer since 1983, now resident at Marbella Gourmet and working with Boda Design Marbella and

Gene Wild: Gardening, Grooming and Gear for Men. Our Flipboard Author for “Male”.

Emily Turley: Patissiere and now Food and Drink Specialist for Marbella Gourmet and Hello Gourmet Baskets Banqueting, carving a new Cuisine Critique for Marbella

Andrea Medina: Founder of (1999) and owner of

Darren Lomas: Travel and Lifestyle since 1999, based in London

Jean Gilhead: Transpersonal Life Coach and Writer, Marbella, Spain. Contributor Marbella Gourmet events and trips:


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